April Fools' 2015: AXIOM is dead - long live AXEÖHM

In the tradition of claiming something ridiculous on April 1st last year we announced that the AXIOM was bought by a Japanese gaming console company and is to be turned into a 4K retro gaming device sporting Pong. This year we tried to increase the ridiculousness-level even further by claiming we gave up the project to form a death metal band called AXEÖHM. And before you ask: the delays in the AXIOM Beta development were not caused by us having fun making videos all the time instead of developing the camera :) - it was actually a welcome relief to get out of the development cave for once to do something different for a short time. Read the full story below:

DOP & Editor: Max Gurresch
Story & Script: Sebastian Pichelhofer
Music Choreography Supervisor: Sergey 'Jin' Bostandzhyan
Hairmodel Photographer: Birgit Pfaffenbauer
Groupie 1: Aleksandra Ciernioch
Groupie 2: morrigan
Drummer at Audition: Michael Gielda
Herbert Pötzl as himself
Sebastian Pichelhofer as himself
Philippe Jadin as himself
Oscar Spierenburg as himself
Audio Recording & Second Unit Camera: Tom Rossipaul
Album Art: Maarten de With (Toxic Shock)
Audio Mix: Sebastian Postl
Music: Head Exploder by Georg F.
Music: BETEPAH / Veteran - The Second Campaign - “Disassembler” - (c) 2014 by Sergey Bostandzhyan, Markus Keller, Andreas Uko - www.BETEPAH.su
Music: Club Nice by Noblemo CC
Music: Bahia by Slikk Tim CC

AXIOM is dead - long live AXEÖHM

Due to a domain registration mix up we are unfortunately not able to continue building the AXIOM anymore. As a result we also needed to make changes to our general area of work which means we have to stop building cameras as of today. But we are very proud to report that the transfer of the entire team to this new endeavor is now completed. Our new project is called: AXEÖHM - the greatest death metal band on the planet.

For Crowd Funding Backers

We know some of you may be disappointed that there will no longer be an AXIOM camera, so in the spirit of open source we decided to open our veins to share our essence of life with you: Each crowdfunding backer will receive a special edition of our album release "Futile Resistance" and an ampule of our blood. Considering our recent success with the band, we are certain it will soon be worth a lot more than any camera could ever be.

First Album Release

In the track list of our first album release you can see that we did stay true to our roots and therefore also hope that filmmakers and cinematographers all around the world will find it easy and straightforward to get into our music. We are currently in the process of relocating to Finland - the so called silicon valley of death metal.



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